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January 2012

If you have work in progress with us you may have received some legal notices. These notices are concerning our reorganization (not a liquidation). We want to assure you that your film and your orders are safe. All film is in our offices in Aurora, Colorado. Please do not contact us, the attorney, or the Court regarding delivery of your order as no updates are available at this time. You do not need to do anything regarding these notices. We are attempting to reorganize the company to provide the same high quality we have produced for four decades.

Unfortunately, there will be delays in delivery while the reorganization takes place. We are not able to provide updates on your particular order at this time. We are currently discs and Kodachrome movies.

Thanks for your continued patience in this matter.


Shipping Information

We've moved to 11801 E 33rd Ave Ste A, Aurora, CO 80010 USA.

Sending your film to Rocky Mountain Film via the US Mail is still safe.  We recommend indicating in large type the contents of your package as "Undeveloped Photographic Materials" along with "Do Not X ray".

For the most recent update from the USPS, click HERE.


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Please note

Because of the age and nature of these films and processes, we do not offer any guarantee.  No refund is available regardless of results.  Service times subject to change depending on volume, machine, and material availability.  Our guarantee to you is that we will do our very best to obtain your memories and the best possible image from your film.






Send mail to with questions or comments.

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