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General information regarding most still films.  See below for specific information on your particular film type.


The processes for these films vary and require special care and handling.  We will do our best to get images from your film.

Expected Results

Varies by film type, age and condition.  We cannot guarantee results and no refund is available regardless of the results.

Cost / Price

Cost for development, CD, and prints is US$36.50 per roll with return shipping and handling $6.00 per order (not per roll). Therefore, one roll is $42.50, two rolls is $79.00, three rolls $115.50, etc. Free shipping on orders of more than ten rolls. International return, please add US$3 for shipping. 

Service Time

This film is processed on a volume basis, so turn around time varies.  Please allow between two and twelve months for return to you.


Please send your film, check or credit card number and expiration date, and your name and address in a padded mailer to:

11801 E 33rd Ave Ste A
Aurora, CO 80010

If you desire proof of delivery, please send your film via Certified U.S. Mail Return Receipt Requested.

Order Form

Please review the following for your film's process and follow the link...

C22 Color Negative
Old (pre 1977) color print (color negative) films including Kodacolor, Kodacolor-X, Triple Print
Disc (Disk)
Films include Kodak C41A
Brownie Film
Films from Brownie cameras
K12 or K11 Slide
Old (pre 1977) slide films including Kodak Kodachrome, Kodachrome-X, Kodachrome II, Kodachrome F
Black and White
Films include Verichrome Pan, Panchromatic, B/W Infrared, Tech Pan, Black and White Slides
E4 Slide
Old (pre 1977) slide films including Ektachrome, Ektachrome-X, and High Speed Ektachrome and Infrared 2236
Infrared AR5
Color Infrared AR5 (for Kodak 2236, click here)
Seattle Film Works, Signature Color or ECN II Process
Films include Seattle Film Works, Signature Color, 5247, 5297, 5294, SFW-XL
Kodak Stereo Realist, Wallinsack
3D Nimslo or Nishiki
Nimslo, Nishiki or other 3 or 4 lens cameras
E6 Slide
Current Ektachrome E-6 films
K14 Slide
Kodachrome K-14 films
Foreign non-US films
Orwo type films
C41 Color Negative
Including Disc and Kodacolor II films

If you do not see your film on this list, please email us or try using our Process List or Search pages to locate your particular type of film.



Please note

Because of the age and nature of these films and processes, we do not offer any guarantee.  No refund is available regardless of results.  Service times subject to change depending on volume, machine, and material availability.  Our guarantee to you is that we will do our very best to obtain your memories and the best possible image from your film.







Send mail to with questions or comments.

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