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Today's weather should have popped up.  If it didn't, it is probably nice today since we have over 300 sunny days every year.  When it does snow, it doesn't stay very long in the Denver Metropolitan area (population approximately 2.5 million, includes 58 cities and unincorporated towns).  Snow does stick around in the mountains, though, which gives us some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world.  Check out Colorado Ski Country USA for more information on our great resorts.  We have great cross-country trails and wonderful snowmobile terrain, too.  A cold winter night, a roaring fire and a cup of hot chocolate are the perfect end to a winter's day in the Rocky Mountains.  During the summer, golf, sailing, four wheeling, mountain biking and hiking are some of the activities we enjoy.  We aren't avid hunters or fishers, but we hear our fly fishing is among the best.

When in Denver, from just about anywhere you can look west and see the beautiful Rockies with their snow-capped peaks during the winter or their majestic blue during the summer.  On a clear day, which most of the days are, you can see hundreds of miles of mountains.  The sun setting over the mountains is gorgeous.

We are avid sports fans, and love our champion Denver Broncos football team, champion Colorado Avalanche hockey club, Denver Nuggets basketball team, Colorado Rapids soccer team and Colorado Rockies baseball team.  All of our teams recently acquired new homes.  The Broncos new stadium is a great place to watch the team try for another Super Bowl ring.  The Avs and Nuggets play in the Pepsi Center, while the Rapids have Dick's Sporting Goods Park.  Coors Field is a fantastic ball park, and we enjoy summer nights cheering on the Rockies.

We have several top ranked universities in our area, and several of our staff are alumni of one of these fine schools.  The University of Denver is the home of the Pioneers.  Nestled in the foothills, the city of Boulder is home to the University of Colorado (Go Buffs!).  North of us along the front range is Colorado State University (Go Rams!) and south, in Colorado Springs, is the Air Force Academy (Go Falcons!).

Colorado Springs also boasts the "Garden of the Gods" a fantastic site that should be on anyone's list if they visit Colorado.  The rock formations there are both beautiful and fascinating.  Pike's Peak and the Pike's Peak International Raceway are nearby.  A few of us have gone white water rafting under the Royal Gorge which is the world's highest suspension bridge.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a natural, geologically formed, open-air amphitheatre set in the Rocky Mountain Foothills, fifteen miles west of Denver. The majestic setting of the amphitheatre, along with the view of the Denver panorama from the top of the theater is breathtaking.  We have seen some spectacular concerts there.  We enjoy a variety of music styles and frequently listen to local music station KBCO.  For news and sports, we listen to KOA talk radio.

Coors brewery is nestled in the foothills.  The tour is a fun way to get a free glass of beer.  Colorado also has more microbreweries per capita than any other state.  Fat Tire Amber Ale from New Belgium Brewing Company is one of our favorites.

Located in downtown, the Denver Center for the Performing Arts provides world class entertainment.  Several of our staff particularly enjoy the Colorado Ballet.  Lower downtown, or LoDo, has excellent restaurants, bars and night clubs.

The eastern plains of Colorado are largely agricultural.  Due to our climate, farmers can grow a wide variety of crops including wheat, corn, sugar beets, apples, peaches, carrots, beans, potatoes, onions, hay, and barley.

Planning a visit to Colorado or want to learn more about our state? has lots of useful information.






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