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Film Scanning

We can digitize your odd size (126, 620, 4x5, 6x7, etc.) film to CD.

Expected Results

Some color shift usually occurs as film ages.  Results vary from fair to excellent quality.  Some minor color/contrast correction is provided.  If your film is torn or badly damaged, please see our photo restoration page.

Cost / Price

Cost is $4.90 per image with return shipping and handling $6.00 per order (not per scan).  Minimum order is $30.00.  Quantity (over 10) discounts may be available depending on film type and condition.  Please email for details.  International return, please add US$4 for shipping.

Prints can be made for an additional fee depending on quantity and film size.  Please email for details.

Service Time

This film is processed on a volume basis, so turn around time varies.  Please allow between eight and twelve weeks for processing and return.


Please send your film, check, and your name and address in a padded mailer to:

DEPT Digitization
11821 E 33rd Ave Ste A
Aurora, CO 80010

If you desire proof of delivery, please send your film via Certified U.S. Mail Return Receipt Requested.  Order Form


Do not cut negatives.

Final image size depends on the size of the original.  Files are saved as standard .jpg unless another format is requested.

Because of the age and nature of these films and processes, we do not offer any guarantee.  No refund is available regardless of results.  Service times subject to change depending on volume, machine, and material availability.  Our guarantee to you is that we will do our very best to obtain your memories and the best possible image from your film.